Result Presentation

There are multiple ways results from an analysis can be presented to the user. Here we list some approaches that can be used when running the analysis from a plugin.

Generate an Artifact from the Plugin

The most straight-forward way to present the results is to return a link to an artifact at the end of the execution.

Store the Result in the Model

The end result can also be stored back in the model and viewed at any time. In the case of long running analyses the invoker might no longer have their browser open to retrieve the results. A benefit of storing the result in the model is that the results will be version controlled and since they can be attached to the correct context - the evolution of the model and results can be traced.

For the Modelica simulation we will save the time traces from the dynamic simulation at the circuit and provide a download link to the results. With this approach a visualizer for presenting the results can be implemented, which would enable users to view the results embedded in the webgme GUI.

Notifications while Analysis is Running

The plugin framework in webgme supports sending notifications back to the invoker. These could be simple progress statuses, but could also contain partial results. The GUI displays messages like these in a console like notification widget, but the Client API allows any UI widget to listen to these and present the results in any manner.