This is a list of webgme-terminology that will be used throughout the tutorial. It’s recommended to at least skim through the list at this stage, but you can always return to it later.

Version (and access) controlled model repository containing (model)data-blobs, commits, branches and tags.
Immutable object with a reference to a single state of a project and the ancestor commit(s) [of that state].
Mutable label referencing a single commit. [Changes to branches are broadcasted to clients.]
Similar to a branch, but it does not change. [It can be deleted and recreated but not updated.]
Atomic modeling element in the project tree.
Single rooted tree among the nodes related as parent/children. Strong relationship.
Single rooted tree among the nodes related as base/instance. Strong relationship that infers prototypal/prototypical inheritance.
Project Tree
Combination of the containment and inheritance tree. [Where the nodes exist.]
FCO and ROOT node
The FCO is the root of the inheritance tree and the ROOT is the root of the containment tree.
Definitions that governs the properties of, and relationships between the nodes.
Node that is part of the MetaAspectSet (owned by the ROOT) and typically contains meta-rules.
A node’s first parent in the inheritance tree that is a meta-node is the meta-type of that node.
Unique identifier of a child within a parent.
Unique position of a node in the containment hierarchy. [The ‘/’-concatenation of the parents’ and its relids.]
Immutable unique identifier of a node.
Library and namespace
A project embedded within another project. Each library defines a unique namespace.
Core API
API for querying and manipulating nodes that forms a state of a project.
Client API
API on top of the Core API that also handles the evolution of a project.
Scripts invoked on a specific state of a project. [Typically use the Core API to interpret or transform models.]
UI-component that visualizes the state and evolution of the project tree. [Typically uses the Client API to track the changes]
UI-component subordinate a visualizer that visualizes/decorates a single node. [The Model Editor and Part Browser defines their own APIs for controlling their decorators.]